USA Windows Phone Casino Apps

Microsoft Windows is a household name and has led their founder Bill Gates to a prominent place in the personal computing industry, as anyone can tell you. They're designed from the ground up to always be on the lookout for new territory to expand into, which is why the Windows Surface and the Windows Phone mobile line of products has been met with success, allowing Microsoft to re-establish a presence in the mobile market. This recent plunge into mobile product development has definitely caught the eye of some of the more successful brand names in the USA mobile casino industry. As a result, these casino developers have begun making sure the Windows Phone and Mobile Surface line of devices have been included in their development of no-download mobile casino gambling applications. These Windows mobile powered devices may not yet be able to compete with Android and iOS products, but they are back on the map. This page is designed specifically for owners of Windows Surface or Windows Phone mobile smartphones in the United States, with our objective being to provide helpful information that empowers these players to make highly informed decisions regarding their mobile casino gambling choices. We have also provided sections in our guide specifically targeting iPhone mobile casinos, Android mobile casinos, and several other platforms, including iPad mobile casinos and Blackberry mobile casinos.

Web Based Mobile Optimized Windows Casino Gambling vs Downloaded Casino Games

Web based, mobile optimized casino games are a new development in gambling, created by well-respected and experienced businesses in the mobile casino industry. In the past, it was only possible to download real money casino games to your device and take up precious storage space. Web based casino gambling can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime without the hassle of needing to allocate room on your hard drive. They can also be used on any device, as these programs use a responsive technology that detects what type of hardware is being used and will format the user interface properly based on its screen dimensions and operating system requirements. Because they are web based, you can access your account from your Windows Phone, Surface tablet or your computer. Another advantage is the fact that many real money casino gambling apps found in the various app stores are not accessible to US players, hence direct mobile casino gambling through trusted online casino brands eliminates this issue. The brands recommended in this guide are compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 OS, as well as pervious versions of the Windows Phone software.

Are Windows Phone Casinos Legally Available to US Players?

Yes. There are no US federal laws that prohibit U.S. citizens from gambling at overseas casinos, just as long as they're regulated and licensed. While some casinos will only be available to non-Americans, there are reputable options that comply with the regulations for U.S. customers, such as the ones mentioned in this guide. Just ensure you are only accessing Windows mobile casinos that are operating legally within the industry. Our recommended brands have all been verified to hold legitimate licensing, and have each been reviewed and approved by our professional analysts.

What Games can be Played at US Windows Mobile Casinos?

Windows Phone casinos and Windows mobile casinos for the Surface tablet that accept US players offer the following casino games: slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and other table games and specialty games. While you will notice that the mobile casino game menus at our recommended brands is not as lengthy as their online casino menu, keep in mind that integration to a mobile platform is relatively new technology, and each f the casinos we feature in this guide have been expanding their game menu with new titles and games frequently.

Top Windows Phone Casinos For USA Players

How Can I Know USA Windows Mobile Gambling is Safe?

While the web based technology is new, the casinos that created it are not. They've been in the mobile gambling industry for some time and know just how sensitive player identification and financial information is. They continue to work with the leading professionals in fraud prevention and encryption technology protocols so that any data sent to them is completely insulated from attack on their end. With that in mind, you should always keep your own Windows Phone and tablet devices updated with the most recent software and firmware patches from Microsoft to ensure your device is just as secure.

Will I Be Able To Enjoy Mobile Casino Gambling if I have an Older Windows Phone?

Regardless of what technology your Windows tablet or smartphone is using, it will still be able to enjoy the benefits of newer mobile casino games. The responsive technology mentioned above that detects what the connecting device is will know how to respond to previous generation systems as well, even if they're not a brand new Microsoft product.