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Mobile devices have completely inundated nearly every aspect of our lives in the recent years, and it’s incredible to think that just a few years ago they were only something that was marketed to only the most plugged in of technophiles and the busiest of executives. Today, smartphones and tablets are used by just about everyone in the U.S. and for virtually anything, including phone calls, email, internet browsers, movie players, organizers, notepads, music players, text messages, GPSs, recording devices, calculators, and cameras. Those are common examples, but there is one area where mobile use has begun to surge in just recent years, and that area is mobile casino gambling for real money.

Why Mobile Friendly Casino Games Have Grown To Become So Popular In The U.S.

On one hand, casino games have always been very popular. The brick and mortar casinos and poker rooms located throughout the US enjoy heavy traffic and an enormous customer base, with thriving gambling regions in areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as others. Gambling has been a part of the American lifestyle from the beginning, and as casino gambling has become more sophisticated in its offerings, it continues to attract players of all ages and backgrounds. The emergence of online gambling has made playing casino games much more accessible for the population in general, and its integration to the mobile platform is a natural part of the industry's evolution. Mobile casinos have really begun to deliver a robust and high quality gambling experience that is every bit as impressive as the traditional online versions of these casinos.

The pace of life for most of us has increased to a degree that mobile devices now handle a lot of our day to day life management and entertainment, so the idea that players could carry around a slot machine or card table in their pocket and whip it out whenever they have a few free minutes is something that was bound to catch on amongst the American public. Savvy online casino brands have responded to the mobile revolution, and have integrated their existing successful and reputable online casino gambling software into mobile compatible technology that delivers their gaming services directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Casinos’ earlier move onto the internet and subsequently into mobile devices has been a necessary one in order to provide players with the accessibility and flexibility that they need in order to participate in responsible casino gambling. Not everyone has the time or the budget to travel to brick and mortar gambling destinations in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, hence US friendly online and mobile casino gambling options provides this opportunity for players. The USA mobile casinos featured in this guide all accept players in the United States, and offer top rated casino gambling right from your mobile devices, compatible with the primary mobile operating system platforms.

There are many types of mobile devices out there, and U.S. friendly casinos have had to develop their games based on exactly which device it was being made for. Let’s take a look at the most popular mobile camps:

Android USA Mobile Casinos

Android has consistently maintained around or slightly over 50% of the overall smart phone market share in recent years, and it looks like they’ll continue to be a popular choice amongst average mobile users for some time to come. As a result, industry leading online casinos have wisely included the Android platform in the development of their mobile casino software, offering a nice selection of mobile casino games designed to operate beautifully on the Android operating system. These games offer enough variety to satisfy most players seeking a realistic and high quality experience. Android Mobile Casinos

iPhone USA Mobile Casinos

The iPhone share of the mobile market hasn’t been quite as big as Android, but they do make up a sizable chunk in their own regard. Those that do make up this portion tend to be earlier adopters than the average Android fan, which makes sense given the original iPhone’s place as the kick starter of the mobile technology boom. There are a number of reputable and quality casino applications that are available to US players and that provide real money gambling options. iPhone Mobile Casinos

iPad USA Mobile Casinos

iPads have been the most popular tablet devices on the market, and are typically included in the range of compatibility for the top rated mobile casinos. The wider screens and the more powerful hardware on these tablets enable the optimal environment for enjoying casino games on the go. The iPad friendly mobile casinos included in this guide accept United States players and deliver a powerful mobile gambling experience. iPad Mobile Casinos

BlackBerry USA Mobile Casinos

BlackBerry is also involved in the US mobile casino gambling market, and because of their overall product improvement for both software and hardware components, they have reclaimed their place in the industry. This has driven reputable mobile casino developers to include them in their mobile casino integration and ensure that their applications are indeed compatible with the Blackberry mobile operating system and the devices that support it. BlackBerry Mobile Casinos

Windows Phone USA Mobile Casinos

Microsoft has indeed enhanced their presence in the mobile market through a dramatic breakthrough in their software for both the Windows Phone and their Microsoft Windows Surface tablet devices. Their improved quality has put them back on the map, and several of the world's most prominent phone manufacturers partnered with Microsoft for the latest Windows Phones, including LG, HTC and Nokia. This guaranteed that the leading mobile casinos would take notice of them and include them as a compatible platform. Windows Phone Mobile Casinos.

Top Mobile Online Casinos For USA Players

How To Find US Friendly Mobile Casinos

The best way to find legitimate mobile casinos that accept US players is to rely on the professional input of industry analysts that are trained to recognize the qualities and red flags associated with online and mobile casino destinations. The team that personally vetted the brands you find listed in this guide focus on verifying a casino brand's licensing and regulation first, moving on to verifying that the security profile and data encryption technologies are adequate. If the site is legal and secure, we then verify their performance, game selection, banking suite, customer support, how user friendly the interface is, and all other elements of their mobile operation. We ensure that all casinos we recommend are the best that the industry has to offer. This guide and others like it that are created by a team of industry professionals are your best option for landing at quality mobile casino destinations.

Is Playing Mobile Casino Games For Real Money Safe?

As long as you restrict your mobile casino gambling to those destination which have been vetted and approved by industry professionals, then you will not have any security concerns. Following is a list of the various elements we require in a mobile casino's security profile in order to include it in our recommendations. While your diligence in only visiting highly secure mobile casinos is a key to safe casino gambling, you must also consider the safety features on your mobile device. Keeping our software updates current is critical as this ensures that the security features on your smartphone or tablet are operating optimally and that there are no vulnerabilities present.